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This issue picks up where the last one left off. Johnny Storm (AKA The Human Torch), following an argument with the Thing, and generally feeling under-appreciated by the team, quits and flies off. The rest of the Fantastic Four go in search of him. Fearing he is a threat, the military and police are hunting him as well.

When the Thing finds Johnny and wrecks his hot rod, he flees to the Bowery to hide. There, in a flophouse, he discovers the Sub-Mariner!

The Sub-Mariner is disheveled and suffering from amnesia, but Johnny helps restore his memory by dropping him into the sea. The Sub-Mariner swims off, only to find his home city of Atlantis destroyed by nuclear bomb tests; he swears vengeance upon mankind.

Using the Horn of Proteus, Sub-Mariner summons Giganto, a massive sea monster. The Fantastic Four, once again reunited, defeat the monster by having the Thing carry an atomic bomb into it's stomach.

Sub-Mariner then plans to summon more sea monsters with the Horn of Proteus, but Invisible Girl steals it. When Sub-Mariner grabs her, she becomes visible. Sub-Mariner instantly falls in love with her and promises to give up his war on humanity if she will be his queen. Sue agrees, but when the other team members try to intervene, he vows to have both Sue and his war!

*note: this is the first issue to feature the rephrased tagline, "The world's greatest comic magazine!", which has appeared on every issue since.

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From a writing standpoint, the fourth issue (coincidence?) happens to be the most memorable of the early issues. It brings the Sub-Mariner back into the Marvel Universe, and is often reprinted. It's also a little less silly than most of the early issues (especially the last one). Although there's plenty to dislike, like Johnny Storm being able to (and choosing to) create a tornado in downtown NYC (after the team detonated a nuke there), and some of the things listed below, but for all the good r...

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