Fantastic Four #4

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The Good

There are a handful of great comic book couples. When it comes to Reed and Sue Richards, there might be some argument over how great of a couple they are.

If you've ever heard Matt Fraction talk about his wife, you know he is truly a man in love. The same could be said for Reed. Reed's an odd fellow when it comes to romance. He always is preoccupied with some sort of experiment or with trying to save the world. Deep down, he does love Sue and his kids. This is Fraction having Reed write a love letter to Sue. One he's not sure how to give.

Throughout this issue, we are treated to flashbacks of the early days when the two first met. Along with this, we're seeing the family journey to a new planet to meet a new species. While there, they discover a strange mystery you won't see coming.

Mark Bagley shows ability to take on different characters. We get to see the current and younger versions of Reed and Sue. There's a new alien species and planet as well. And as hilarious as Johnny's pranks on Ben are, they would lose a lot if not captured perfectly.

Fraction and Bagley nail it in two scenes. One is when Sue expresses some frustration with Reed and the other is from a flashback scene where Sue discovers something important about Reed.

The Bad

In many ways, this was an important issue. But in others, we don't get a whole lot with the overall adventure and Reed's mission to find a cure. This was a fun read but it's clear next issue it's all going to hit the fan.

The Verdict

Bravo to Marvel, Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley for releasing this issue in time for Valentine's Day. It's often been questionable just how much does Reed care about Sue. We know he's committed to his wife and kids but there's always a distraction nearby. This issue lays out what exactly Sue means to Reed. Along the way we see the team visit a new planet that contains a pretty big shock. In the overall story about why Reed decided to pull his family away from Earth to find a cure, there aren't huge progressions on the plot but fans of the series and characters will want to pick this issue up. Bagley does a great job capturing the emotion that Reed feels along with the other scenes, such as ones between Johnny and Ben. This series definitely feels like a grand adventure.


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