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As the FF touch down in Washington DC, they are confronted by the press, who ask them about the recent attacks on New York by the fake FF team. The FF board taxis and head over to Congress.
The FF make their way into the committee room for their hearing and a commotion ensues as the people in the gallery take pictures and ask a flood of questions. Unknown to everyone, the strange device that had attached itself to the Fantasti-Car flies into the room and sticks to the ceiling. While the FF wait to testify, a general describes how he thinks superhuman individuals should be made to register so that the military has a database of super-powered people and their abilities in times of war or crisis. Next a member of the National Rifle Association is called to speak. The NRA speaker says he thinks the Superhuman Registration Act will lead to a ban on superheros and lead to them being exiled, which would hamper the ability of superheros to battle supervillains. The congressmen are concerned that the Avengers (a government affiliated group) are unavailable, and that X-Factor have disappeared from the Earth (fighting the Celestials).
Suddenly, the assembled people are warned that Apocalypse is approaching to attack. The team rush to change into their FF uniforms, but just as they get ready, they hear that Apocalypse is instead just flying over the city, not actually attacking after all. Embarrassed, the team head back into the committee room. Suddenly the device on the ceiling activates and Ramrod - who had been hiding in the audience - attacks, but trips and is knocked out. The FF are totally bemused again at this surprise attack by an unusual enemy.
Next, Henry Peter Gyrich steps up to speak. He says that mutants may not be human, but other superhumans are essentially human (genetically) and they should be registered and limited. He argues that necessity overrules  constitutional freedoms and rights in this case. Superheros would be put in charge of registering uncooperative people or supervillains.
Now the FF step up to the microphone. Reeds starts by stating that the FF have always based their career on upholding the law. Suddenly, Plantman and Quill burst out from hiding in the audience and attack, but they crash into each other and their powers inadvertently take each other down. The police move in and arrest the two, as the puzzled FF state that these are not their usual foes. The congressmen are concerned that the FF are somehow provoking these strange attacks.
Reed begins his testimony again, describing how - unlike mutants - superhumans like him acquired their abilities, often inadvertently. When asked how useful superheros are, Reed brings in a massive stack of documentary evidence, listing all the operations of the FF to defeat villains and save people over their career. Susan states that she is worried that Franklin would be registered and his file kept in some government system. Johnny and Ben argue that registering Dr Doom and Annihilus would be impossible, and registration would only hamper superhero efforts to fight such enemies. At that the device activates again and Flying Tiger attacks, only to be immediately stopped by Sharon in her She-Thing form. Just as she is noting how all these bad guys are wearing trenchcoats, hats and sunglasses, four more similarly dressed men burst out. These are Vanisher, Thunderball, The Eel and Mad Dog, but they are quickly beaten. The device on the ceiling then causes one of the police to try shooting Reed, but Ben takes him down. Finally the FF notice the device and capture it. A furious congressman then stands up and blames the FF for the whole scenario. 

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