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Can even the Fantastic Four defeat a man who performs miracles???

At a stage performance, a man who calls himself the Miracle Man demonstrates his amazing powers including invulnerability and strength greater than the Thing. The Fantastic Four flying home in their Fantasticar are relieved that the Miracle Man isn't a menace. However, unbeknownst to them, the Miracle Man has indeed decided to turn to crime. Beginning by bringing a monstrous statue to life!

Splitting up to search in four directions, the team searches for the giant monster. Mr. Fantastic finds the monster robbing a jewelry store, and tries to stop it by making a net of his body, but the monster escapes when the Miracle Man throws a brick at Mr. Fantastic.

Then, the rest of the team encounters the monster. The human torch burns it to the ground, but then the team is bested by the Miracle Man who escapes, but the Invisible Girl tails him unseen.

Back at home, the remaining members of the team get into a fight and Johnny Storm storms off.

The Miracle Man makes discovers Invisible Girl and hypnotizes her to obey him. He orders her to signal the Fantastic Four. He sabotages the Fantasti-copter then attempts to flee in a stolen atomic tank, but the Human Torch makes his flame so bright that the flash blinds the Miracle Man, rendering him powerless since all along he was merely hypnotizing people to see things.

However, the Human Torch and the Thing argue again, and the Human Torch announces that he is leaving the Fantastic Four forever and flies away.

*note: this is the first issue to proclaim itself, 'The Greatest Comic Magazine in the World!!' on the cover - a phrase that (in slightly changed form) would become a trademark of Fantastic Four comics.

This was the first issue to feature the Fantastic Four in costume.

It also contained a 'Cut-away diagram of the Fantastic Four's secret headquarters...' which told readers to 'Save this for future reference.'

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