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As the Invisible Woman and Johnny Storm combine there powers to form an invisible plane to travel around while trapped in the past as they chase after Nick Fury to Berlin in his quest to kill Adolf Hitler which inevitably alter history.While in Berlin Nick Fury is successful in reaching Hitler, as the team arrives following his signal but are led to a robot being built by the Nazis. They quickly split up with Johnny guarding the man, She-Hulk finishing with the crew and Invisible Woman renewing the search for Nick Fury.She quickly locates him being tortured by the Germans as they desire to learn of his bullet proof clothing, and other futuristic technology. However Invisible Woman arrives invisibly taking down the men and spooking Hitler as she talks Fury out of killing him and they prepare to leave.

However once their backs turn Hitler attempts to draw his weapon,with Fury shooting him in self defense.The team then awakens in a lab greeted by several scientists and Reed who explains how he survived.Reed then leads them to the man they had been with in the 30's Licorice Calhoun now in a coma who has remained in a coma since being run down in the 30's Reed then explains the 30's they had been to existed only in Licorice's mind which drew the team and Fury in as he slowly awakened and they only escaped following Nick's killing Hitler shocking them out of Licorice's dream.

This story may well have been inspired by the legendary Star Trek episode, "The City On the Edge of Forever". This classic episode, regarded by many as the best original Star Trek episode, has McCoy, Spock and Kirk going back in time to the 1930's. Joan Collins plays a nurse who leads a peace movement which keeps the United States out of WWII long enough for Nazi Germany to win the war. All of this happens because McCoy's trip back into time messes up the timeline as we know it. Spock and Kirk follow McCoy back in time and eventually Joan Collins' character dies and the correct timeline is restored. Perhaps someone in the Marvel Bullpen was a big Star Trek fan?

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inferiorego's favorite cover No002 0

I love this cover. It was on my coffee table at my old apartment. Do we kill Hitler & stop the mass genocide? Or do we not? Tough question... awesome issue. Paradoxes galore! This issue would have gotten 5 stars if Thing was in it, but alas, we get She-Hulk. Nothing against her, she isn't a F4 member. It is a great issue, but the cover is so much better. Any cover with Hitler saluting while a team of good-guys look stunned behind him... hilarious. If you can only have one issue on your coffe...

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