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Ben is back from Beyonder Planet, from Secret Wars, and discover about Johnny and Alicia's engagement. While he beats up Johnny and Alicia try to explain to him what really happened, Doctor Strange flies to Connecticut to stop Mephisto from killing Reed and Sue. Suddenly Thing look up to the sky and sees the sun becoming dark because of the Dire Wraiths, and everything falls apart in New York. At the end little Franklin uses his incredible power and defeats Mephisto, but not before Elspeth Cromwell gets killed. The Thing tells everyone he came back to Earth, but not to Fantastic Four.

While the cover image shown here with UK and Canadian prices does not bear the CCA Seal of Approval, the issue was approved by the Comics Code Authority, as the image with just the U.S. price that contains Marvel's stamp does show the CCA approval. This apparently reflects a loosening of the CCA rules, as not only does this story include torture, but also shows a captured child, young Franklin Richards. The CCA probably approved the issue as little Franklin uses his powers to defeat Mephisto in the story.

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