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THE SCOOP: It's the Royal Wedding of the new Millennium as Doctor Doom takes the Invisible Woman as his lawful Royal Consort! THE STORY: Victor Von Doom and Susan Storm Richards are getting married, but how do the remaining members of the Fantastic Four feel about this?! Especially since both the Human Torch (brother of the bride) and the Thing (one of her best friends) intend to stand by the side of Sue as she takes her vows?! And what about the rest of the Marvel Universe? How do heroes such as Spider-Man, the Avengers and Namor the Sub-Mariner react to this union between comicdom's first family and their most implacable adversary? Obviously, something is seriously out of kilter here, after all, what happened to Sue's husband, Mr. Fantastic? And her child Franklin? For many, this is an event which must not be allowed to happen, as well as one which will have a lasting impact on the live of our heroes. Friendships will be put to the ultimate test, while others will end! On this fateful day, everybody has an opinion and for the FF and their allies and enemies, nothing will ever be the same again!

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