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Enter: The Mad Thinker!

The Brute, aka Reed Richards from Counter-Earth, sends the Human Torch and the Thing into the Negative Zone, from where he expects they will never return. Then some mysterious beings kidnap Agatha Harkness and little Franklin Richards, much to the shock of the Invisible Girl, who arrives at Whisper Hill just as they are vanishing. Back in the Negative Zone, the Torch and the Thing are stunned to see Reed with Annihilus and some giant creature. Torch and Thing help to fight off the huge android of the Puppet Master.

At the Baxter Building, the Invisible Girl makes a huge mistake. She confronts the impostor Reed Richards and tells him that she knows he is not her husband. No longer needing his diguise, he transforms back into the form of the Brute. He tells Sue that if her more powerful teammates could not stop him, what can she--the weakest member of the Fantastic Four, hope to accomplish? Sue turns invisible and starts to flee, but the Brute has the heightened senses of a beast. He picks up a huge piece of deadly metal and fires it like a missle at the Invisible Girl, just barely missing her. Stunned, the gorgeous blonde girl turns visible. Sue raises her force field as her last line of defense. However, the Brute is as strong and probably even stronger than the Thing. He pounds her force field relentlessly, knowing that the girl's force field cannot withstand the withering onslaught of the Brute. One final blow shatters Sue's force field and the girl collpses, unconscious. The Brute picks her up with one arm and gives her a deadly good-bye greeting. "Farewell, Susan Richards! With your demise I will have at last achieved-- the death and destriction of the Fantastic Four". The Brute then throws the blonde girl out of a 30 story high Baxter Building window and we see the Invisible Girl falling to her doom, in possibly the most shocking Sue Storm cliffhanger ending in the 50 year history of the Fantastic Four!


  • Features the Hostess Cup Cakes ad, Captain America And The Sore Sir's Apprentices

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