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Look Out For The Frightful Four!

The three male members of the Frightful Four - Wizard, Sandman and Trapster - attack the FF and defeat them. The Trapster secures them all in bonds specifically created to negate their individual powers. The Thing asks why they trussed the FF up instead of killing them. Sandman tells him that they wanted the FF to watch the tryouts for a new fourth member of the Frightful Four. The first two applicants turn out to be more or less something of a joke. Thundra comes in to attack her former partners, but Trapster quickly knocks her out by electrically activating a metal plate beneath her. Tigra arrives to help the FF. She is able to free both the Human Torch and the Thing, but Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Girl remain imprisoned. However, Tigra and the Torch are quickly subdued. This leaves the Thing and he is beaten by a very powerful new FF villain called the Brute. The Brute sends Ben Grimm flying back into the Negative Zone. Then shocking the Sandman, the Brute transforms himself into what appears to be Reed Richards. The Brute informs the Frightful Four's three male members that he is Reed Richards from Counter-Earth, a place more than 200 million miles away, but that he will soon be the only Reed Richards on either Earth!


  • Features the Hostess Twinkies ad, Spider-Man! In The Spider-Man And The Fly!

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