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Counter-Earth Must Die--At The Hand Of Galactus!

Thing stands over the defeated Destroyer, disputing Galactus’ claim that he will destroy Counter-Earth. Galactus reveals that Thing essentially beat a lifeless metallic shell as he had removed its power.

Not far away on a spacecraft, Gorr says Galactus intends to devour Counter-Earth and that is why the High Evolutionary sent him to bring the Fantastic Four. Thing attempts to attack Galactus only to have most of his remaining oxygen escape and slowly lose consciousness on the High Evolutionary’s asteroid. Luckily, Gorr’s ship passes by and rescues the Thing, who is still alive.

Galactus reveals he had no intention of killing him and recalls his path across the galaxy devouring worlds, his previous battle with the Fantastic Four and the various heralds he has employed in his service.

After requests from the High Evolutionary and Mr. Fantastic to bypass the planet, Galactus offers an alternative: find a substitute world either that volunteers to sacrifice itself or that they mark for destruction. The Fanastic Four meets with the High Evolutionary, who shows them three worlds as possible substitutes.

Mr. Fantastic and Thing are transported to Mekka, a world ruled by Torgo and populated by robots. Torgo denies their request to sacrifice his planet and detains them after a brief battle so they will not reveal the planet’s location to Galactus.

Meanwhile, Human Torch and Gorr land on a planet similar to a medieval fairy tale. They rescue a woman by chasing off a dragon but are subdued and captured by knights before they can explain themselves.

Back on the asteroid, the High Evolutionary and Invisible Woman watch helplessly and with not enough time to send her to their rescue, the High Evolutionary decides to challenge Galactus to a fight to the death in order to save Counter-Earth.


  • Features the Hostess Twinkies ad, Captain America And The Red Skull

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