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Five Characters In Search Of A Madman!

Luke Cage says to the Invisible Girl that he has been wondering why she is not the Invisible Woman. Sue tells him that she has thought of changing her name, but that the other one is too long and unwieldly. She explains to Luke that she thinks she will go on being the Invisible Girl a while longer. (Little could she know then what we know now. Sue Storm did not change her name until the end of FF #283, "Torment", the issue where Psycho-Man tortured Sue Storm right up to the verge of an emotional breakdown. Hence, it took another 114 issues before Sue eventually changed her name from the Invisible Girl to the Invisible Woman.)

Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, Luke says that he has got to kill and he throws some heavy furniture at Sue. The gorgeous blonde turns invisible to escape, but Luke catches her with curtains. Sue breaks free with her force field. However, Luke Cage is powerful and he hammers away at the Invisible Girl's force field until it finally shatters! Just as Luke is about attack Sue, a human Ben Grimm intervenes. However, Luke Cage takes care of Ben with one punch. He then successfully attacks both the Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic. Luke files away in the Fantasti-Car The story ends when Reed shows Ben what appears to be an exact duplicate of himself in The Thing form.


  • Features the Hostess Cup Cakes ad, Spider-Man And The Cupcake Caper

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