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Titans Two!

"Hulk not sure if Thing is Hulk's friend"

"Shut up for cripe's sake"

The Thing has decided to turn away on the Fantastic Four and to team-up with the Hulk ! The duo fight off the remaining Fantastic Four and the army, destroy their flight capacities and fly away in one of the army's hovercraft. Aboard the craft, Ben Grimm and the Hulk wonders where to go from there, and the Hulk explains he wants to go back to a "bridge of rock" in the desert, but when they fly above Saint Louis, he decides to settle for their Gateway Arch. The Thing lands them on a building near the gateway and the army catches up with them, he tries to talk the Hulk out of attacking the army when the FF arrives and wonders who he should follow, when Reed Richards tells him to "get away as far away from that monster as possible" the Thing decision is made. He lets the Hulk throw a hunk of concrete at the FF's hovercraft with Sue inside and then they both take care of Johnny and Reed, who gets stuck on the Arch. Hulk gets ready to finish him but is stopped by Sue's force field. Seeing this, the Thing decides to go back to the FF and attacks the Hulk, indirectly making Reed falls from the Arch. Sue breaks his fall with her remaining forces, and now the Think stands alone against the Hulk. After a few moments of fight and having been affected by the gamma radiation of the Hulk for too long, the Thing is knocked out by the Hulk and turns back into Ben Grimm. The Hulk runs away. Everybody rejoices for Ben, but Reed also thinks they now need a replacement.


  • Features the Hostess Twinkies ad, Spider-Man And The Kidnap Caper

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