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The story begins with a real shocker on page one. The Thing and Alicia Masters open a door and see the Invisible Girl lying silently on the floor with Dr. Doom standing over her. Ben shouts out, "Suzie!.. murdered by Doctor Doom!" The Thing quickly attacks Doom, but it turns out that what he thought was Dr. Doom suddenly fades away, having been nothing but an image created by Mr. Fantastic, conducting a serious scientific experiment with his Thought-Projector Helmet. The Thing and the Human Torch then get into one of their famous fights and soon everyone leaves the Baxter Building except Ben Grimm.

All by himself now, Ben decides to try out the Thought-Projector Helmet himself. He ends up watching the events of Fantastic Four #1, how the FF go into space and are bombarded by cosmic rays and change into the Invisible Girl, Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch and how he becomes the Thing. He also sees images of the FF's battle with the Mole Man in issues #88-89. When Ben removes the helmet, he becomes quite angry. He thinks that since the Mole Man made all of them temporarily blind back during their last encounter, that maybe he has the power to heal blind Alicia Masters and give her the ability to see again. He heads off to the Center of the Earth, insisting that if Mole Man has said ability, he will make him use it to help Alicia!

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