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The Fantasti-Car starts to fall from the sky during a test drive and Reed passes out. After saving themselves, Sue, Johnny and Ben bring the unconscious Reed to a nearby hospital. He is then diagnosed with fatigue brought on by overworking himself all the time.

Sue is then captured by the Monster from the Lost Lagoon, Even after Johnny tries to save her the Monster takes her prisoner and escapes the hospital. Not remembering who Sue's kidnapper was, Ben and Johnny return to the Baxter building to consult it's computers and it comes to the conclusion that it was most likely the Monster from the Lost Lagoon.

Reed revives in the hospital and is informed of Sue's kidnapping by a monster, he passes out once more wen he attempts to leave and rescue her. Sue awakes to find herself trapped in a cavern, Sue turns invisible to make the monster believe that she has escaped the cavern. Left alone, she unties herself and tries to pry open a crack in the cavern to escape. However, instead of escape, she brings a torrent of water splashing in that threatens to drown her.

Continued in the next issue...

Note: This issue bears a striking resemblance to the 1954 Sci-Fi cult classic film, "The Creature from the Black Lagoon". That film has the monster capture actress Julie Adams, while here the monster seizes Sue Storm.

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