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The Fantastic Four have their hands full in Central Park with three heralds of Galactus. Terrax demands they be destroyed but Plamsa and Firelord deem it unnecessary. When the Thing attacks, a full scale battle begins. On the edge of defeat, the Four are saved by the Silver Surfer. The heralds depart when they are summoned by Galactus.

A SHIELD craft arrives and takes the Four to the SHIELD Helicarrier. Nick Fury has gathered the Avengers to face the possible threat to the planet. The heralds disperse to locations on the planet to install capacitors to help their master consume the planet.

In the Himalayas, near Attilan, Firelord is faced by the Human Torch and the Inhumans. Plasma is sent to Monster Island where she is met by Namor and the Avengers. Terrax is in New York City. Plasma's capacitor is destroyed, but Namor sacrifices himself to do this. The Inhumans successfully defeat Firelord and destroy his capacitor as well.

Galactus himself is met by the SHIELD Helicarrier, which he easily cripples. Nick Fury does a suicide run and attemps to destroy Galactus' ship. The damage is easily repaired by Galactus, and his sacrifice in vain. Reed gives the Thing his nullifying device, which enables him to defeat Terrax. But when he and Thor try to take on Galactus himself, they are easily defeated.

Unknown to the heroes of Earth, a fourth capacitor is placed by the herald Air-Walker. Doctor Doom steps in with a special device made to siphon the Power Cosmic. Even with the powers of the Silver Surfer and Terrax, Doom is easily defeated by Galactus. Having no time left, the heroes of Earth can only watch as Galactus consumes the planet. But Doom uses a chrono-displacement device at the last second and goes back in time.....

Continued in Avengers Vol. 2 #12.


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