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The Fantastic Four and the Inhumans find themselves face to face with Maximus and many creatures of the caverns that have been transformed by the Terrigen Mists. Under Maximus' control, the creatures attack and protect him. As everyone forms a plan to reach Maximus, he decides to retreat. But he takes Crystal with him, planning to make her his queen since he could not get Medusa.
This enrages the Human Torch, but Maximus is able to seal off his escape. As the Invisible Woman shields them all, Black Bolt merely makes a whisper and destroys the rocks blocking their path. They reach Maximus, who has placed Crystal in the 'creation device,' the source of the Terrigen Mists. Maximus is defeated and they remove Crystal from the chamber, but they are not sure what effects it may have had on her.
Having succeeded, the Inhumans invite the Four to a celebration and feast. Johnny says goodbye to Crystal, and Lockjaw transports them back home.
Meanwhile in Latveria, Doctor Doom is met by a future version of himself. His time is short, but gives Doom a future version of one of his control cards, containing everything he needs to know of the upcoming future......

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