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Not a fan of Fraction or bagley but i gave it a try anyway. The art kind of sucked and the story was pretty bland.

This kind of thing happens in comics all the time but 2.6 Million years ago there weren't any dinosaurs, they all died about 65 million years ago. It's a small thing but details matter, I mean what, did he just guess and hoped nobody would notice? well i guess it worked because i haven't seen anyone mention it. in a world with google and wikipedia there is no excuse, its just lazy!

I did like the "seize the dumplings" line, so not all bad.

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    So if they did this big reboot of the Marvel Universe, every book should read like it is a first issue. Not to say it has to be an origin, but it has to let everyone know who the characters are and what their motivations are.This issue did nothing of the sort. The reader is thrown into the middle of some adventure where they are inside a dinosaurs mouth. Missing the fact that it would have been an interesting story to see what happened before that.Then we are invited to a dinner where we learn...

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