super_man_23's Fantastic Four #1 - The Fall of the Fantastic Four Part 1 review

The Last Day of Happiness. Fantastic 4 #1 (2014) Review.

Serious things have happened in the FF's lives, but worse events are about to happen!

The Good

Why I love the FF.

Skottie Young's FF #1 Variant Cover.

The Fantastic Four are just so cool. I mean, who doesn't love Marvel's First Family? Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, or Human Torch -- everyone can relate to any of these characters in some way. That is one of the reasons why Fantastic Four is so popular. Cause they are a relatable family dealing with semi-real problems and just with superpowers to spice things up a bit. Never have I read any Fantastic Four issue and been like: "well that was a complete waste of 23-pages." Even if I've missed a year of their lives, I can always come back to this title and feel right at home and not super confused on past events. Only FF can achieve that.

This first issue IS FANTASTIC!

Writer James Robinson has me hooked and looking forward to more Fantastic Four! From page 1 we have Sue writing a journal entry to her children, Franklin and Valeria. Reflecting on events that willhappen in this series. Robinson really did an outstanding job on setting the tone of this comic. Making it feel mysterious and amazing to, find out what has happened and what will happen in the Fantastic Four's lives? I'm most looking forward to the events that will unfold in the FF's lives and also what's been happening with Valeria?

Artwork and such.

Second best piece of interior art in this issue!

The artwork by Leonard Kirk is superb! Though there's never been an artist for the Fantastic Four I haven't liked so far, I'm glad Kirk could pull off the characters so flawlessly. The inks by Karl Kesel and the colors by Jesus Aburtov just makes this entire first issue feel like you are a kid in a candy store.

Never pass up an opportunity to buy a Skottie Young variant cover as his artwork is AWESOME! It's probably because of the simplicity and goofiness that is in his artwork that makes it just so right (for any type of character). Not saying that his artwork is simple, it's just that he makes the amount of detail he puts into his art looksimplistic while being goofy at the same time. So I recommend picking up his (and the other artists) variant covers for this Fantastic Four issue.

The Bad

I guess one bad thing about this, is keeping up with what has happened to Marvel's First Family recently. I haven't been all that dedicated with keeping up monthly with the FF. There is sooooooooo much that goes on in their lives that at times it is easier to just not pick up the title. Because everything revolving around the Fantastic Four is in their main stream continuity. However, the story is understandable enough that it adds to the mystery of "what's gonna happen next or what's happened so far?" Giving readers the opportunity to either track down prior issues and stories to this one, or continuing on with the little knowledge they have. However, like I said the story is understandable enough that it appeals to all fans of the characters.

The Verdict

If you've been a little hesitant to pick up a Fantastic Four book, it's ok, you'll feel right at home. The story is welcoming enough and has a good mixture of old and future material that will give you a basic understanding of what has and will happen. Fantastic Four is one of the best titles that Marvel has put out and you should do yourself a favor and at least read one issue. You might actually get hooked! Overall everything is just fantastic so 5 out of 5. CLICK FOR THE #2 REVIEW!!!!!! CLICK FOR THE #3 REVIEW!

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I didn't like this at all. Bored the hell out of me.

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