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 The Women Discovering Their Powers
  The Fantastic Femmes were once a group of normal college student until the day their friend Rachel decided to attend their colleges amusement park. Bendora was telling Rachel it was a bad idea due to the cheap labor they used to make the rides, but Rachel said it was fine. While riding the Spinning Rocket Ride they were flown out of their seats into the toxic waste dump conventionally located next to the amusement park. After a few hours each on of them started exhibiting weird powers. Susan turned Invisible, Jillian's body ignited in fire, Bendora's body turned to rock, and Rachel gained elastic powers. With these powers Rachel told her friends the benefits from obtaining these great powers. Bendora then said "lemme guess, you want use to use these powers to help humanity" to which Rachel said exactly. They then placed there hands together saying their new super heroine names. Rachel called herself Stretchmak, Susan called herself See-Through, Jillian called herself Hot Flash, and Bendora called herself Nuggets.

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