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 Fangor vs Iron Man.
Fangor is a massive, stone statue whose title meant "All The Evils of Man" was sculpted by an artist named Fival Fuvnik who displayed his piece at Central Park one evening. Fangor was brought to life by a low level occultist named Rasputin when his tavistick was given power after it struck a television camera. Fangor was pure evil and killed Fival which brought the attention of Tony Stark who was watching the unveiling of the statue. Stark changed into Iron Man and engaged the stone giant. Fangor was able to withstand Iron Man's repulsor blasts and started to throw stone fragments at the golden Avenger. Iron Man knocked Fangor into a lake, hoping the stone demon would drown. Fangor emerged from the water and started to crush Iron Man with his powerful grip. Iron Man used a weapon called the Unstable-Freon Mini-Bomb on Fangor which solidified the creature with its sub-zero cold. Iron Man would use all his remaining energy to power dive into his frozen enemy and Fangor was smashed to pieces.   


Fangor was created by Steve Gerber and Jim Starlin in 1973 and first appeared in Iron Man # 56.

Powers & Abilities

Fangor was a massive, stone demon that had superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury.

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