sifighter's Fanboys vs. Zombies #9 review

Fun with the undead

What can I say but new outfits, New story plot, and some old friends. Thats what alot this issue is, setting up a new status quo with a new leader of the wrecking crew and setting up that they really need to get out of the city, not because its dangerous but because of what they learn in the first few pages. However that doesn't matter because what really matters is that it uses great refrences and that it is really funny. Thats what this series is about a bunch of funny comic, movie, and videogame refrences and it is actually quite charming, I mean once you see a gorilla on a machine gun turret you pretty much have your readers attention. Seriously one of the characters is really just Robert Kirkman but they use that character for good effect and he genuinely very helpful in this situation. This series has proven that Sam Humphries is a great writer and I can't wait for him to start writing Uncanny X-force. Overall this was a really good issue and I can't wait for the next one.

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