eganthevile1's Family Guy: Something, Something, Something, Dark Side review

Something Something Something LMAO!

A short time ago in a studio apartment far far away, or very close depending on wher you live, I laughed my bleeping ass off! 
As much as I liked Blue Harvest, Something Something Something Darkside is way funnier, much like every pretentious SW fan (myself included) will tell you ESB was the best of the films, so too am I sure Family Guy fans will call this the superior parody. From the first scene with the Wampa (as portrayed by the Cookie Monster) attacking Chris Skywalker to the final scene which makes reference to another sci-fi trilogy (hint Doc's still alive!) This was a satire masterpiece that only the most tight of hind-quarters would not enjoy.  
Everything considered I find myself wanting to recite this movie line for line in this review, but you will thank me greatly for not spoiling the jokes.... But I will throw you casting spoilers... Lois' father Carter is the Emperor, Chris Griffins boss is Yoda, Mort Goldman is Lando, the giant chicken peter always has those huge fights with is Boba Fett, Admiral Piett is the effeminate guy that always says "Ohhhh nooo" James Woods is General Veers, and Meg is the Space Slug! 
This is a great movie if you just want to kill an hour laughing!
Posted by SilverZeo

What, wasn't Carter "Luke's" uncle in the last episode, wouldn't it make more sense for Peter's father was the Emperor? Since he is grumpy and old as heck. And by Chris's boss, do you mean the small guy from the golf episode or that guy who just talks about movies?

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    I loved it! My dad is'nt really into family guy but when i showed him this he laughed. Its very funny, die-hard star wars fans will have a laughing riot when they watch this. Absolutely fantastic, they definitely did their homework for this one. I'd say the only other parady of star wars I laughed at besides this was the "fanboys" movie. 4/5...

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