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The Carnage symbiote is recovered by Hall industries to from state of the art biomass prosthetics that are used to empower armored agents. Shriek is used to help preserve the symbiote using her fear inducing powers and Spider-Man's monstrous Doppelganger emerges to save his "mother", bringing the attention of Spider-Man and his Avengers team-mate Iron Man who team-up to stop the chaos and prevent a potential massacre. Doppelganger attacks the truck that is transporting Shriek who causes the people around them to go on a murderous riot. Two armored agents sent by Hall Industries appear, kill the Doppelganger and accidentally injure Dr. Tanis Nieves, Shriek's psychiatrist who was also trying to stop the truck to help her patient but the truck manages to escape. After discovering who is responsible for this mess, the two Avengers go to Hall Industries to sort thing out but they ending up fighting the Carnage symbiote which has bonded to a new Dr. Tanis Nieves via the biomass prosthetic that replaced her severed arm.

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