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A criminal make-up artist and master of disguise who impersonates wealthy people and steals either from these wealthy people or steals expensive objects using those personas.

In reality he is white haired and toothless. False Face retired after his first encounter with Batman. He encountered the Batman once in comics continuity and in one story arc (two episodes) of the 1960's Adam West Batman show. On the TV Show, he was played by Malachi Throne, who caused some infamous behind the scenes drama as show producer William Dozier wished him to remain anonymous in the show credits due to the nature of the character. A deal was finally struck in that Throne would be credited in only the second episode of the two part arc and would remain as "?" in the credits of the first episode. False Face should not be confused Clayface or Black Mask's False Face Society.

There have been a total of three False-Faces.

The first was hired by a small crime orgainzer by the name of Black Star. He would run into the Shining Knight while stealing money during Mardi Gras. When he was arrested his face was not a false face, it was his own.

The third False Face, a woman, partnered with White Star, to kidnap Lady Blackhawk and replace her within the Bird's of Prey. She was able to elude False face with the help her driver Mahoud.

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