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Neil Borman was a member of a team hired to do some additional work on a nuclear power plant they had helped construct. During a series of tests an explosion destroyed the floor that Borman and his workmates were working on, and they fell into the reactor's cooling system. His co-workers died, but Borman survived, his body’s molecular structure shifted transforming into a man composed of high-energy electrons. Unfortunately, Borman had brought his wife and son to work to show them around the plant. When he searched for them, contact with his new body killed them. In the same way he inadvertently killed several people. Genuinely remorseful, he was imprisoned in Iron Heights Penitentiary, where he was used to power the prison with his new abilities. The Flash found out about the inhumane treatment of Fallout and the disastrous state of Iron Heights, and while he was unable to change the living conditions within, he managed to have the prison's systems changed so Fallout wouldn't have to suffer as the energy within his body was siphoned.

He appeared in the "Citizen Cold" portion of the DC event, "Flashpoint."

Powers and Abilities

Fallout emits toxic levels of radiation from his body, able to kill a person with a touch.

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