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The Fallen Angels band together and get their powers back when the unlikeliest of heroes frees them from their cell.  They strike back at the Coconut Grove elite and return to earth.  Sunspot and Warlock return to the New Mutants after feeling as if they've redeemed themselves.  Madrox and Siryn stay at Beat Street to help lead the young mutants down a better path.


One last Fallen Angel remained free.  Bill, the little green cyborg lobster was angry and looking to save Gomi.  Meanwhile, Gomi had been blindfolded and locked inside a spinning cubicle, while the others spitefully ignored Ariel.  They were trying to think of escape plans when Unipar arrived.  He hurled Boom Boom back inside the cell after they finished experimenting on her.  He then ordered the guards to remove the injured Multiple Man, which caused the other Fallen Angels to attack.  Their minor uprising was short lived as the guards shot one of the injured Multiple Man duplicates.  He was instantly killed, sending a painful psychic feedback to the two surviving Multiple Men.  The atmosphere was diffused when Sunspot offered to accompany the two surviving Multiple Men to the experiment labs.  There they watched as the Coconut Grove scientists began to experiment on the dead duplicate, and Sunspot tried to think of new ways to use Multiple Man's multiplying powers.

Back in the main cell, the others watched as the guards begin to scream and run in terror.  Bill had finally caught up with them and freed the rest of the team.  They were about to leave without Ariel, but eventually they took pity on her and released her from her prison.

Re-powered and using Cerebro to locate Multiple Man and Sunspot, the Fallen Angels freely wreaked havoc around the Coconut Grove.  With a little encouragement from Boom Boom, Chance began to learn how to control her "Double or Nothing" powers.  Together they freed Sunspot and Multiple Man, who absorbed his willing duplicate once he had regained the use of his power.  

With all of the team liberated, Chance used her power to enhance Ariel's ability to sweet talk.  As an added incentive, the Angels threatened to have Devil Dinosaur tear down the Coconut Grove.  Sunspot then reminded them that they were searching for the next step in evolution to help the people of Coconut Grove mutate, yet Ariel was a living example that their people had already begun to evolve, and therefore they needn't kidnap any more mutants in the future.

Ariel abandoned the Coconut Grove.  Back at Beat Street, the Fallen Angels started to go their separate ways.  Boom Boom returned to X-Factor, but Siryn and Multiple Man agreed to stay and help keep the remaining Angels stay on the straight and narrow.  Finally, Sunspot made friends with Chance before he and Warlock left to return to school as New Mutants.

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A Fitting Ending 0

As much flak as I give this series, this is a very nice closing. Sure, everything that was weird and awkward in the first seven issues still abound, but at least it all comes together. The newest mutants, Chance and Ariel, are a nice addition to the trials of the story. The overall theme of the series was redemption and it's nice to see the traitors given a chance to redeem themselves.One of the factors that makes this series a must read is the treatment of Siryn. She is initially introduced to ...

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