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A wake is held for Don the lobster, during which various members experience odd fluxes in their powers.  When the ruckus dies down, Ariel talks the Fallen Angels to accompany her to her home-world, the Coconut Grove.


Gomi and Bill mourned Don, while Warlock observed the surviving lobster's grief.  Sunspot and Siryn comforted Gomi, who began to develop a crush for the Irish red-head.  Moon Boy dragged Sunspot passed the others, who were all stuffing their faces with junk food.  Boom-Boom failed in her efforts to flirt with the wounded Multiple Man duplicate and Chance taunted Sunspot with comments about him dating Moon Boy.  Sunspot's rebuttal silenced her, saying he preferred the company of a loyal friend to gorging on burgers.

Moon Boy lead Sunspot to Devil Dinosaur, who lay sorrowful in the adjoining warehouse.  Sunspot could not understand Moon Boy and therefore missed the point that the Dinosaur is guilt-ridden for his part in Don's death.  Chance overheard Sunspot's self-deprecating speech.  Ariel again used the opportunity to tease Chance about developing feelings for Sunspot.  The two then begin to talk about Ariel's task of collecting mutants.

The two remaining Multiple Men discuss life.  The "original" one stated that the broken bones would heal if they merged back into one being.  The injured one still refused to be absorbed claiming that it would be like death.  They then attempted to discuss the mutant readings Cerebro previously registered for Chance and Ariel, but Chance refused to accept that she was anything but a regular human and Ariel changed the subject.  

The wake was interrupted by Bill's attack on Moon Boy in an effort to reach Devil Dinosaur.  The attack was short lived, as the mutants used their powers to separate Bill from Moon Boy.  However, the mood quickly descended further as Warlock began to speak of fallen warriors and fodder for the victorious.  Just as Sunspot questioned him about it, Multiple Man's duplicates suddenly disappeared.  Chance insulted Multiple Man and Boom-Boom threw a new time-bomb into the middle of the room.  They scattered, but the bomb didn't explode.

Unexpectedly, Warlock grew enraged and chased Boom-Boom, threatening to kill her.  None of the mutants could do anything to help her, as their powers no longer worked.  Gomi rescued Boom-Boom by using his telekinetic pillar to push Warlock back against the wall.  Warlock began to regain his usual friendly demeanor.  Finally, Boom-Boom's time-bomb exploded and everyone seemed to lighten up.

However, Multiple Man's wounded duplicate remained unabsorbed on the sofa.  While everyone was struggling with their powers he registered a new mutant on the portable Cerebro.  He couldn't determine whether the new mutant was Ariel or Chance.

After all the chaos in the Beat Street Club, Ariel sweet talked the others into leaving.  She then whisked them away across the galaxy to a sparkling inter-galactic nightclub: the Coconut Grove.

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Too Much Too Late 0

This is the book this series has been waiting for.  It seems as if the writer strung us along for one pointless adventure after another, dropping hints as to the end-game of this series, and then used this issue to remind the reader of every little thing.  "Ah, yes," sees the reader, "Ariel is mighty persuasive."  "That's right," we remember, "there was talk between Chance and Ariel about a collecting of mutants." And so on.  Yet, for all the remembrances we get, this issue is still the same ol'...

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