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On the forest planet, the Fallen Angels scattered from a Stegosaurus-esque dinosaur.  The Vanisher teleported away, while Siryn, Boom-Boom and Multiple Man attacked.  As the others fled, Chance tripped and the dinosaur loomed over her.  Sunspot powered up and surprised himself by knocking the approaching dinosaur over with twice his normal strength.  However, he was knocked unconscious by a flying fragment of broken tree and Chance stayed by his side until he regained consciousness.  Yet she left him lying on the ground when Ariel began to taunt her.  Sunspot was then overshadowed by a mysterious newcomer.

Elsewhere, the others began to regroup and the Vanisher continued to run from the local wildlife.  Boom-Boom and Gomi used their own brand of chaos to create firewood.  Boom-Boom's attention was then drawn away by Multiple Man, whom she was unashamedly trying to attract.  Vanisher then bumped into Chance and Ariel.

Warlock eventually found Sunspot and questioned him about the unconscious dinosaur on the ground.  Sunspot claimed that he did not knock the creature out cold and introduced his saviors: Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur.  

Ariel, Chance and the Vanisher found the rest of the team before Sunspot and Warlock, as they were drawn to them by the smell of cooking dinosaur meat.  Multiple Man tried to use the portable Cerebro to find Sunspot and Warlock but instead could only find mutant signatures from Ariel and Chance.  The two girls were obviously displeased and dismissed his claims straight away.  The Cerebro unit began to bleep as Devil Dinosaur descended upon their little picnic.  Vanisher welcomed Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy to the Fallen Angels.

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This series started out very promising. I liked the mutants on the run. Why did they have to include a huge effing dinosaur? This issue takes place on a planet in which dinosaurs roam. We learn that Ariel is collecting mutants for some reason and that two remarkable ones live on this mystery planet. Yes, one is a huge dinosaur; the other is furry lad called Moon Boy and it doesn't seem as if either speak English. The team dynamic is an interesting factor in this issue because, despite their clai...

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