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While playing soccer on a warm summer's day, Sunspot lost his patience and shoved Cannonball with his super human strength. The accident knocked his best friend unconscious and all his other friends in the New Mutants turned against him. While the others were at the hospital, Sunspot found his school report, in which Professor Xavier stated his concern that Sunspot would choose to follow his father's path in life and join the Hellfire Club. Magneto is overwhelmed by the administrative work that goes into watching Xavier's students and called Moira MacTaggart for help. She agreed and Siryn and Jamie Maddrox accompany her to New York.

The brash Sunspot convinced himself that he was a villain and ran away from home. In the middle of the night, Warlock began to search New York for his missing friend, while a mysterious Korean tom-boy runs into trouble with street thugs. Sunspot showed up and began defeating the thugs but his powers mysteriously failed him, leaving he and the girl defenseless.


The cover of the first issue of the series says "One moment of anger, and their lives are changed forever". Although this may seem as just a marketing gimmick there is a sense of truth in it.

That is because all the events happening in this issue have impact right up until the end of "The Fall of the Mutants" story line, published in New Mutants 59-61. Because Sunspot hit Cannonball in rage after a game of footbal, he and Warlock left the New Mutants. They only came back at the end of " The Fall of the Mutants" story line. Just a few minutes after Sunspot and Warlock returned to help their teammates fight Cameron Hodge and his elite robots, their friend and teammate Doug Ramsey (aka Cypher) was shot and killed. Though nothing is certain, but it could be possible that, had Sunspot and Warlock stayed with the New Mutants, they could have turned the tied in favor of the mutants, and thus preventing the death of Doug.

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