Marvel Super Hero Squad - Falcon Profile Video

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Here's another video profile on a Super Hero Squad member.  I almost feel like this is a dating service or something.  You guys can watch the videos and see who you like best.  Falcon is an underrated character.  It's great that Ed Brubaker has been using him in the current Captain America series as well as his being a main member of the Super Hero Squad.


Falcon flies with wings made of “hard light” (a solid type of hologram). He’s upgraded them with Stark-built “feathers” that shoot out as projectiles. Falcon communicates telepathically with birds, particularly his pet falcon REDWING. He can even “see” through their eyes, which comes in handy when the team needs recon. The original adrenaline junkie, Falcon loves anything that moves fast, flies high or causes severe motion sickness. Passionate and optimistic at 17, he’s a born hot-dogger who’s finally made it to the big leagues. Beneath his jokester persona, he’s got a lot to prove.
Falcon’s going to figure out, over time, that he’s as powerful a hero as any and it’s got nothing to do with how much he can bench-press (260, if you must know). The others are going to learn that his tactical judgement is approaching that of his mentor, Cap.
Falcon and the other Squaddies: Iron Man asked the Falcon to join at Captain America’s suggestion. Cap trained the Falcon and knows what potential the impetuous speedster has. Falcon also loves nothing better than a good prank, whether it's gluing Wolverine's boots to the floor or covering the sleeping Hulk with temporary tattoos. Mornings on the Helicarrier frequently begin with a huge roar and a big green fist coming through Falcon's wall. It's a good thing he can fly fast. In spite of Wolverine's repeated threats to turn Redwing into a squab dinner, the truth is that everyone in the Squad is kind of attached to the quirky bird, and even Wolverine has been caught sneaking him extra snacks.
In battle, Falcon provides the team’s SPEED FACTOR.

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