Do you like Falcon

Posted by nightwing737 (1099 posts) 11 months, 21 days ago

Poll: Do you like Falcon (17 votes)

He's cool 35%
I don't like him 6%
He's the worst character ever 18%
I don't hate him, but I don't like him either 18%
I hate him 6%
He's better than some chracters 12%
He's better than a lot of chracters 6%

Almost everybody hates Falcon so I wanted to see how many people like him

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I meant to pick He's cool, but I put He's better than some characters.

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Nah actually I think He's better than some Characters (which is what I picked). Sorry about spelling characters wrong.

#3 Posted by JediXMan (30663 posts) - - Show Bio

I find him rather boring.

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I've never read enough of him to know whether I like him or dislike him.

Don't really plan on doing so anytime soon.

Maybe if Anthnoy Mackie blows me away in Cap 2 I'll check him out...then again...I probably won't.

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I don't like him. He seems lame. It's like they took a regular SHIELD agent and gave him bird powers as a prank. Like, "hey, enjoy dressing like a bird for the rest of your life."

I do not, however, think he's the worst character ever.

#7 Posted by mettlekm (417 posts) - - Show Bio

he flies...

#8 Posted by PeppeyHare (4310 posts) - - Show Bio

@mettlekm: Good observation.

I'm indifferent

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simply put that suit is not manly enough. lol, what "enough" i am talking about, it's the very opposite of manly. either a female or teenage boy should use it, not an all grown up muscular big black dude. i mean if he was gay, if he had a colorful personality maybe... but he is the serious type so it just doesnt work.

lol this remind me a deadpool scene in secret invasion, there was a skrull with a flaming left arm and made of ice right arm and deadpool said : "oh look, its my arch enemy - frosty the fireman!!!" so falcon is like "tough guy the ballerina"

#10 Posted by daredevil21134 (11861 posts) - - Show Bio

He's suffering from the same thing Aquaman used to suffer from,he's just a dude who can talk to fish, in Falcon's case birds but once you get past that I think he's cool.Brubaker made me like him.

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