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Welcome to Fairy Tail

 Located in Fiore in Magnolia Town, The guild is home to many powerful and distinguished mages. It was named Fairy Tail because  the eternal mystery behind where fairies had tails or not, or if they even existed, was like an eternal adventure .Over the years the guild has gone through many changes, mostly due to the destructive nature of the guild members. All of the guild members have a connection with one another, willing to do moastly anything to help one another. It is mostly composed of those seeing a family or mages donning the esteemed name of Fairy Tail.  It has lasted many decades and to this day it relies the only home to many of its powerful mages. 


 Like other guilds throughout the land the guild carries out specific requests or Missions. All mssions are assigned through the rank of mages. A-Class and lower missions are placed on the first floor and S-Class and above on the 2nd. Originally members who weren't S-class were not even allowed to go on the 2nd floor until the reconstruction, opening the 2nd floor for anyone. 

Guild War

Fairy Tail fights back
During the Phantom lord arc, the GUild was involved in a war between their rivals, The Phantom Lord Guild. The Phantom guild stopped at nothing to crush fairy tail, including targetting its weaker members when they were alone. Though prohibited, Guild Master Makalov and all of the fairy Tail members retaliated and put a stop to the Fallen guild. In the aftermath Fairy Tail's guild was destroyed by Gajeel and they were forced to rebuild.

The New Guild

 After the Phantom Lord arc the guild was rebuilt and added many accommodations and new rules to the Guild. One was the
guild layout
ability for A-class and lower mages to go on the 2nd floor. The guild was now bigger and boasted a pool and a gift shop and many more.

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