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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 283: Natsu vs. Sabertooth "Natsu vs. Seibātūsu" (ナツ vs. 剣咬の虎(セイバートゥース))
  • Chapter 284: Pandemonium "Pandemoniumu" (伏魔殿(パンデモニウム))
  • Chapter 285: MPF
  • Chapter 286: Laxus vs. Alexei "Rakusasu vs. Arekusei" (ラクサス vs. アレクセイ)
  • Chapter 287: Real Family "Hontō no Kazoku" (本当の家族)
  • Chapter 288: Wendy vs. Chelia "Wendi vs. Sheria" (ウェンディ vs. シェリア)
  • Chapter 289: A Small Fist "Chiisana Kobushi" (小さな拳)
  • Chapter 290: Night of Intersecting Feelings "Omoi ga Kōsa suru Yoru" (想いが交差する夜)
  • Chapter 291: Naval Battle "Nabaru Batoru" (海戦(ナバルバトル))







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