akbogert's Fairy Quest: Outlaws #2 review

Over the River and Through the Woods

This month's follow-up conclusion to Paul Jenkins & Humberto Ramos' two-part Fairy Quest: Outlaws does precisely what I'd hoped it wouldn't: rubs its greatness in your face and makes the prospect of not seeing Red and Woof's tale continue all the more unhappy. The "to be continued" at the end teases a follow-up volume in Fairy Quest: Travelers, which I'll be sure to look into sooner rather than later.

The dominating feeling of FQ is fun. Despite the very sinister pursuing force of Mister Grimm and his mind-wiping crusade of order over "deviance," this volume maintains a generally light mood. We see more familiar faces: Peter Pan & Tinkerbell (Pan & Tink), the Lost Boys, and an homage or two to other well-known tales, all delightfully manipulated to fit the creators' vision of all not being what it seems in Fablewood.

As always, Ramos' cartoony take fits Jenkins' writing like a glove and lends a vibrant livelihood to a world which could easily have been portrayed in a far gloomier light. Once more a panel or two of questionable sexualization remains the only real brow-raiser in an otherwise unmarred horizon. Ramos' takes on Tink and Hook are particularly fresh, but the dark and stormy night stands out as the artistic highlight.

Meanwhile, Jenkins delivers a believable protagonist in Red and gives us glimpses of the shadowy past which birthed her massive growling companion (don't call him a dog though!). Cameos are well thought-out and tickle us with the thought of how many places this story might go should it be given the opportunity. The confrontation between Red and Pan is smile-provoking, though it is Jenkins' unique twist on new characters at the end of the issue which readers are most likely to appreciate.

If you're a fan of fairy tales or even passingly respect the creators behind these two issues, I can't recommend giving Fairy Quest: Outlaws a chance. You'll get a charming little story, and help increase the odds of seeing these stories grow beyond their humble crowdsourced roots. Doesn't get much better than that ^_^

Posted by NICKXH

Can't wait to get this on trade!

Posted by akbogert

@NICKXH: Well, it's actually just the two issues. I don't know if there will be a trade, but you can order the deluxe hardcover here. And I spoke with Jenkins on Twitter and he told me the follow-up story will be done as a Kickstarter just like this was.

The issues are cheap, so I definitely recommend just picking them up if springing for the hardcover is a bit outside your means. For myself, I'll be ordering the HC now that I know subsequent stories will also be released via the HC Kickstarter format as well.

Posted by NICKXH

@akbogert: I don't think I'll be buying the hardcover. As I live in England and $30 (about £25) is a bit much. Plus the custom charge will probably be riddicous. So, I'll try and track down those single issues at my local comic book and I'm sure won't be a problem. Because the owner knows how much I love Humberto Ramos.

Posted by akbogert

@NICKXH: Understandable, for sure.

If worst comes to worst, you can do what I did and buy them digitally ^_^

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