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Fairest Gets Hairy

I don't know how I felt about this one. Too many mixed feelings. I really enjoyed the cover art and the inside art for Rapunzel's story, but the art they used for Aldered States was kind of a let down.

The writing for Rapunzel was my main issue. I liked the use of Japanese folklore and the fact we got more Rapunzel, but was that story necessary? The fact that they made Rapunzel a bisexual made no sense except just to add a LGBT character in Fables. And it didn't add anything for future stories either.

Aldered States was kind of a letdown. It was a funny story, but that was it. Kind of gross, but in a funny way. I didn't like this one-shot story as much as the Beauty and the Beast one-shot in the previous volume.

Posted by lykopis

I need to catch up on my reading and this title is one of them, unfortunately. I do have to agree about the suddenness of making Rapunzel bisexual (or, seeming to be sudden -- it could be argued it was just not brought up before) and it's something that seems to be going around in all the comic companies. Is it a good thing? Maybe -- but it being noticeable might not be. I prefer it to not be so obvious and jarring.

Just thoughts from the top of my head -- not really committed to any real opinion. Thanks for the review.


Posted by fables87

@lykopis: Thanks for agreeing with me. Like I don't have an issue with LGBT characters in comic books at all, it's when it random and unexpected. I think Batwoman (to me) was a better use for the topic cause there was no coming out. She simply started as a lesbian. Rapunzel was a considered heterosexual in the original comics, but this made her bi for some odd reason. I hope the next arch is better. Seems it because it a brand new character rather then add unnecessary history on previous characters.


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