capn_carrot's Fairest #17 - The Village of the Dead: Part Three of The Return of the Maharaja review

Charming but...

The latest issue takes the focus off Nalayani, the character at the center of this arc, and places it firmly on Prince Charming who shares his experiences that led him to becoming the Maharaja, saves Nalayani's life from both quicksand and a crocodile, and whose sudden weird illness that seems to be spreading like a plague that further threatens to keep our heroine on the sideline. Given Charming's sudden illness there's a chance Nalayani will reclaim the arc as soon as next issue, but I have a feeling the storyline has gotten a little lost in the woods (much like our two characters) and it may be quite an effort to get it back on the right path.

One final note, I'd actually rate this a 2.5 instead of a 2. You can find more of my reviews (with images) on RazorFine Reviews


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