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Fadi is a smart, capable woman who is one of Orion Assante's top aide-de-camps. She works with him both before and after he becomes the Grendel Khan. She is an excellent analyst and investigator.

God and the Devil

Fadi originally works alongside another woman, Sharon. Assante depends on them for information and advice as he attempts to take down the corrupt Church of their era. Sharon is killed in the course of their work, and Fadi continues working for Orion on her own.

Fadi as a young woman

Fadi is responsible for much of Orion's success in finding information about Eppy Thatcher and Pope Innocent XLII. It is she, for instance, that learns about the connection between the Church and LASERUS-Solar, finds that the Church had diagrams for building a nuclear bomb, digs up information to double-blackmail the man who was trying to blackmail Sherri Caniff, figures out the true identity of Grendel, and researches vampires' weaknesses in Christine Spar's book.

Fadi also goes with Orion when he goes into exile, and assists in building his base near Mt. Rushmore. She also acts as his head of communications and critiques his propaganda performances so they can maximize their effect. Orion eventually takes down Innocent and Grendel is defeated.

Devil's Reign

Orion eventually comes out of the underground and becomes the new director of BASIC. Fadi continues to be one of his top aides along with Sherri Caniff. She keeps on top of his day-to-day activities and also helps him plan his most important strategies, from dealing with the vampire plague to expanding their control to other Systems. BASIC merges with the other Systems in the previous United States to become Calmerica. She continues to be his primary coordinator of governmental affairs. Calmerica eventually joins with Australia to become UNOW, and sets its sights on creating a world-wide confederacy. An Australian psychic, Manny, joins their advising team. She helps Orion organize a complex strategy to take over SCAUR (South America) as well. However, the remaining countries, Africa, China, and Great Japan, are less interested in joining. She is not just about organization, however; when Sherri has a miscarriage, Fadi is very personally comforting and concerned about him as well.

When Sherri is kidnapped, Fadi largely takes over the reigns of government so Orion can concentrate on the kidnapping. She also takes Sherri's place as main emotional supporter for Orion, and they begin a sexual relationship. She also deals with the kidnapping as well. When Sherri is returned, it is Fadi who figures out that they were wrong about who was behind it; they thought it was Africa but it was actually Great Japan. As for her relationship with Orion, far from being angry, Sherri accepts it and they begin a triangular romantic partnership.

Fadi later helps with their war in Africa. When Sherri dies, Orion runs away and goes into hiding due to his grief. Fadi ends up taking complete control of UNOW for a significant amount of time while he is away. She creates a hologram of Orion to make it look like he is giving the orders. Not everyone is convinced, however, and their rebellious general Oskar Berlinetta demands to see Orion himself. Great Japan threatens them with nuclear weapons. Fadi is under extreme pressure and looks for Orion, but can't find him.

Orion finally returns and deals with the military situation. He also orders Fadi to go back and find all the information they found about Innocent's Sun Gun long ago. (It is now many years since the fall of Innocent.) She finds it, and their scientists are able to build a Sun Disc, which they use to defeat their enemies. UNOW now controls the entire world, and Orion becomes the Grendel Khan.

Fadi in her old age

More years go by. A new woman, Laurel Kennedy, rises to prominence within the government and works with Fadi and Orion. She is manipulative and self-interested, but they are not aware of her plans. Fadi begins to advise Orion that he needs an heir so that the empire won't fall apart after his death. He doesn't want to do it, but Fadi finally persuades him when she is on her deathbed. Laurel Kennedy learns about Fadi's advice and manages to become Orion's wife; they have a child, Jupiter.

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