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Brief History

Mr.Windom was a good man of conscious and a member of the Board of Directors, who found out about his company, American Chemron Industries, illegally dumping toxic waste chemicals. When he brought this to his fellow board members they laughed at him and told him to keep quiet. When he told them he was going to the police, they shot him and dumped his body into a toxic waste tank and left . The toxic waste resurrected Mr.Windom and gave him powers, but it ate his face and hair. Filled with hatred he blamed his fellow board members and went to "collect" his revenge on them. When he encounted the first one he killed him and took his left eye and placed it on his face .The next one he killed, he took his right eye .He continued this pattern until he came to the last two, but when he was about to kill them Dracula (who was trying to feed on them) had entered the room. Demanding this Faceless Man leave, Dracula voiced his desire to feed on them, but Windom wanted revenge. So they fought and Windom, to Dracula`s surprise, threw him out of a window and he killed the last two. Dracula still hungry went after Windom but he was too late, for poor Windom when finished with his revenge dissolved himself into a pool of protoplasm, praying for eternal peace .

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