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Brief History

Facade only appeared a few times but has made a great impact on Spider-Man and his friends. A doctor named Thomas Haney built an armor suit, hoping to use it for good intensions. The armor was however stolen by somebody whom, to this day, remains unrevealled. The person whom stole the armor killed Dr. Haney in the proces. Facade was planning his first mayor criminal acts when Daily Bugle photographer Lance Bannon somehow saw the opritunity to photograph the villain with his mask off. Because it was very dark, he could not see the face of the person wearing it, but he knew the awnsers where on his photos. He managed to get away from the villain at first, and developed the photos at the Daily Bugle building. There he found out about the true identity of Facade, becoming the only living person to know his true identity. It was however during this time that Facade stormed into the development room and killed Lance Bannon. This was before Lance could have revealed the identity to the authorities or anyone else. To this very day, it is unknown whom the wearer of the suit was. The suspects were: J. Jonah Jameson, Mike Wilson, Cole Cooper, Victor the Butler, Archer Bryce, and John Jameson. F.A.C.A.D.E. had not been seen in comics since (except for a little cameo).

Facade's ID was "un-revealed" in the Dark Reign Files one-shot. The page depicted a pile of documents in witch the person whom wrote it said that he had found out the true identity of the masked murderer. The only problem was that the part of the document revealing the true identity was torn off!

Other Media



In the series X-MEN: EVOLUTION Facade is a member of THE MORLOCKS. He is a friend of Callisto, Torpid, Caliban, Lucid, Cybelle and Spyke. Facade is in his early-to-mid-thirties in age. He is physically very lean and thin, perhaps a secondary effect of his power that would make it easier to conceal himself in various places


Can blend, chameleon-like, into his surrounding environment. How he does so is unknown. Also has the ability to climb on surfaces, making him a valuable spy and lookout for the Morlocks.

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