Fables Game coming in 2012

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Telltale Games and DC Entertainment Partnering to create Games Based on Bill Willingham's 'FABLES'

SAN RAFAEL, CA. – February 18, 2011 – Telltale Games, a leading digital publisher, today announced an exclusive multi-platform worldwide publishing agreement with DC Entertainment to create games based on writer and creator Bill Willingham's award-winning comic book series FABLES. All upcoming games are licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.
A consistent New York Times bestseller, FABLES is one of DC Comics' longest-running series published under its Vertigo imprint. The series received over a dozen Eisner Awards including for Best Writer, Best New Series, and numerous wins for Best Serialized Story, and was a 2009 Hugo Award nominee for Best Graphic Story.

FABLES imagines that all the characters from the world's most beloved storybooks are real-real, and living among us, with all of their powers intact. From Snow White and the Big Bad Wolf to Goldilocks and Little Boy Blue, these beloved characters are alive and well-but they've been exiled from the land of fairy tales. Escaping the mysterious Adversary, they have relocated to a magically camouflaged New York City neighborhood known as Fabletown. To survive in the mundane world, the Fables will have to fight for their happily ever after.
"Bill Willingham's FABLES brings everything we look for in a property to bring to episodic," said Dan Connors, CEO of Telltale Games. "Strong, iconic characters, deep, nuanced story arcs, and rich, fully realized worlds. This is a series that will work extremely well for the cinematic style of adventures that Telltale delivers."

"FABLES is one of the cornerstone series of DC's Vertigo imprint thanks to Bill Willingham's excellent writing and Mark Buckingham's gorgeous art," said Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer, DC Entertainment. "At its heart, FABLES is a captivating serialized story built in a new, yet familiar universe, one that will translate to a great episodic gaming experience."
Telltale has opened up registration to sign up for timely information and updates at http://www.ttgfablesgames.com. Telltale will release more information on the FABLES project later this year.    

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Wow, Sounds great, although I am unsure how it would work.
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Fables isn't something that naturally springs to mind when adapting a comic into a game... but this is pretty cool.  

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I dont even play videogames but this has peaked my interest. I love Fables.
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I'm actually not sure how to feel about this. This could either be very cool, or absolutely awful.

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