Animal Lovers

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What do you think of people and animals having sexual relationships in this series?

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ummm you couldn't exactly call an animal a animal in a fable. In a fable animals are humanized so you could say it's nothing different from interracial sex. (in a fable) As it would be for a mexican to make out with an asian in our world.

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It's not really any worse than say human/elf, or human/Vulcan relationships in other franchises. It's weird, but as long as they're both sentient and humanlike, it's not an issue. Though I don't really agree with the mexiacan/asian analogy, since they're both of same species.

#4 Posted by warlock360 (28180 posts) - - Show Bio
@brc2000: i just made that comparison because we dont have any other human-like species lol your example is of course better^^
#5 Posted by joshmightbe (26583 posts) - - Show Bio

Nobody complained when Mar-vel was hooking up with human women and I'm fairly certain the Kree consider humans animals

#6 Posted by Jotham (4577 posts) - - Show Bio
@joshmightbe said:
" Nobody complained when Mar-vel was hooking up with human women "
I did. Freaking Kree, coming to our planet, taking our women...

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