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One thing that I really like about this comic book so far is it has so many characters to choose from to become your favorite. For the longest time I had the hardest time deciding who was my all time favorite. However, since reading the Rose Red story arch, I've gotten to like two fables: Snow White and Ozma. I really like snow White because she kind of like me in a female form. I really could relate the Snow White and Rose Red background story to my twin brother and my story. I loved Ozma way before she was added to the Fables cast. Reading the Wizard of Oz books, Ozma became my favorite character in that book. So having Ozma in the comic makes me very happy (along with adding other Oz characters recently).

So who's your favorite?

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This an older post but I'll comment on it nonetheless. My favourite changes depending on the story arc. When I first started reading Fables I really liked Snow White and Bigbie....then all of a sudden Blue Boy was kicking ass and totally cool. Next up was Flycatcher...again, he was thrust in the spotlight and was kicking ass. Ozma is a pretty cool character and she has started to really become developed lately. I'm really curious about Mrs. Sprat...where is that story going to go?

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