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Now why would we saddle a FABLES book with a title like "Super Team"? And why does snotty little Pinocchio think he needs to design tight-fitting costumes for a carefully selected group of Fables? Find out in these stories from FABLES #101-107, including a special story illustrated by Terry Moore (Echo, Strangers in Paradise).

Back Blurb

This Looks Like A Job For... The Super Fables!

Evil stalks the borders of Haven! Fed by fear and driven by darkness, Mister Dark has risen, more powerful than ever! Soon, the Fables' defense will fall, and the day of doom will be upon them!

But lo, there shall come... the F-Men!

Assembled by the great and powerful Ozma and the wise and wheelchair-bound Pinoccho (don't worry, his legs work fine -- he just wants to look the part), these fabulous Fables will combine their powers to form a team-up to end all team-ups!

Every super-heroic personality will be represented: Big strong guys! Guys in cool armor! Miniature people who can bounce around inside the bad guy's ear canal! That one girl who can fly! Even a roguish, hairy anti-hero with claws: Bigby Wolf himself! Together, they will overcome their fear and defeat Mister Dark once and for all!

Or maybe they'll all die horribly within seconds. What do you think this is, a super-hero comic?

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