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Snow White and Rose Red

I've been a Fables fan since issue #1. Reading this volume really took me back to issue #1 by having issue #100 start off the same way. Issue #100 on it's own is worth reading. The art work is done to almost perfection and the story is something us Fable fans have waited for. However, what I loved most about this volume is the story of Snow White and Rose Red. I loved reading this tale because I've known about the fairy tale long before Fables and Willingham really showed a good relationship with the two sisters.

Posted by etragedy

Sooner or later I'm going to have to get around to checking this series out. I've been a fan of Willingham's art since he started back in the 80s, and I love fairy tales - but I've never read an issue of Fables. Too much on my plate right now.

Posted by fables87

@etragedy: He doesn't draw this comic as much, but he writes most of it basically. Very well done series!

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