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The tights and capes have been stored away forever, but where do the Fables go from here? Bigby and Snow White’s cubs try to move forward after learning a hard lesson about life and death in this collection featuring issues #108-113 of the acclaimed series.

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And a child shall lead them

The fearsome Mister Dark is dead, killed in a kamikaze attack by the only entity even colder than himself: The North Wind, King of the Frozen Wastes, Ruler of the Cardinal Winds -- and Bigby Wolf's deadbeat dad.

Now, with Bigby having renounced any claim to the throne, one of his cubs must take up the crown -- and he and his wife Snow White must watch as the North Wind's servants subject their children to a series of trials to determine who will reign supreme.

Meanwhile, winds of change are blowing in other lands as well: the once-winged monkey Bufkin's impromptu revolution against the new ruler of the Pan Ozian Empire is gaining unexpected allies; Rose Red's reconnaissance team finds good tidings at the Farm, just in time for Christmas; and in Castle Dark the former Nurse Spratt waits for the return of the Fables with bated breath -- and sharpened blade.

In FABLES: INHERIT THE WIND, the acclaimed creative team of Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha hit the Fables status quo like a hurricane -- and they are joined for a special issue of short stories by a veritable Who's Who of guest artists, including Rick Leonardi, Ron Randall, P. Craig Russell, Zander Cannon, Jim Fern, Ramon Backs and Adam Hughes.







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