aztek_the_lost's Fables #97 - Dark Age Party Girl, Chapter Four of Rose Red review

Finally We're Getting Somewhere

Of all the comics I read this is probably one of, if not the one least in need of a review because everyone's reading it already and there's no need to draw in more readers but nonetheless I also think reviews should be able to spark discussion and unfortunately they rarely do but hey, a boy can dream can't he?
Anyways, my back-story on reading this series is that I read the first eighty-two issues in trade in a matter of a few months. Now, here we are a year later from that day I finished the 12th trade and I've only gotten to read 15 issues (not even 3 trades worth) and I'm not going to lie, I've never really gotten comfortable with that. I think this is a trade series and this arc for sure has been very slow up to this point, not just because of the publishing delays but because it's been flashbacks to things we already knew about. Now what I'm getting at is that with this issue and the finale of the arc next month accompanying the first three I'm sure it would have read very well in collected format but I certainly haven't been eager for the next month's issue for a while (and I assure you this is not hating, I love Fables, one of my favorite comics in fact).
However, as my title of the review indicates, things finally seem to be turning up in this penultimate issue and although James Robinson said in this week's podcast he finds the penultimate issue of an arc is always the worst I have to disagree in this case. Up until this point there's been no action or progression but at long last things seem to be turning up for our heroine. And a mystery has even been thrown into the mix concerning the identity of a certain being that's been popping in and out of the series for a while.
In conclusion, all I have to say is I feel this issue has brought my excitement back for this series and I can't wait for the next three issues, #100 here we come, be sure you're there to read it with the rest of the world. This will only be the second comic to be under the Vertigo imprint since it's first issue to reach the triple digits (the first being 100 Bullets) so it's certainly a momentous occasion.

Posted by Silkcuts

Your review makes me wish I read fables monthly.  It doesn't need my support so I am slowly working my way.  
I hope issue #100 is a stand alone, because I will be reading it with the rest of the world. It shouldn't even be called issue #100, the bloodly thing is square bound... The staples make the comic!

Posted by aztek_the_lost
@Silkcuts: Yeah, I decided I'd read Fables monthly because I couldn't wait with The Great Fables Crossover (which as it turned out was a Jack of Fables storyline) but I have no idea if Fables #100 will be accessible to people who missed the previous issues. It seems like things are really building up to it, I think it's supposed to be a turning point for the series (the best theory I heard was Mr. Dark defeats the Fables since in an upcoming GN Bigby is looking for a new home for the Fables) but at the same time the special features alone make it an independent event.

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