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Here's the thing, folks. We can't tell you what happens in this issue because it would give away the big frightening thing that happened in the previous issue (which we also didn't tell you about). So, what can we say? Only the most general stuff. Like that the grim fallout from winning the war so easily continues. And the metaphorical chickens come home to roost. Good, right?

The Woodland Building has fallen. A cloud of dirt makes things difficult to see so Bigby changes and huffs and puffs the dust away. Frau Totenkinder makes her way to King Cole to tell him things about to get worse. Worse than they've ever been. The thing that caused the destruction is on its way. She tells him that they need to leave. Cole asks if the Farm is still protected and she tells him all the spells are still in place. Cole announces to everyone that they all need to leave immediately. Especially since the Mundy police will be there soon.

At the Farm, Rose Red is awoken to find the head of Colin the pig (still on a stick) telling her that things are going to get bad and she needs to deal with everything that's going to happen. He says he can't go to her sister, Snow anymore because she's on a different path. Rose needs to be the one to guide them through the darkness. There was a price for the witching cloak they used for centuries to hide from the Mundies. The time to pay has come. Before he can say more, his time is up. She returns upstairs and wakes up Sinbad as everyone begins to arrive. She is shocked to see Boy Blue in such critical condition. It comes out that she and Sinbad just got married even though she didn't want him to find out this way. Things don't look good. King Cole tells Bigby that they can't lose Blue now. Bigby tells him that Totenkinder and the other sorcerers have done all that they can. They can only hope that when Flycatcher arrives, he'll have a miracle up his sleeve.

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