dark_noldor's Fables #43 - Arabian Nights (and Days), Chapter Two: D'jinn & Tonic With a Twist review

Release the D´Jinn

It´s amazing how Willingham has everything under his control, transmitting the idea that nothing can leave his grasp while writing so many characters and with different stories. Despite the mayhem of last issue, King Cole´s efforts were enough to build up a relationship of mutual respect and conversation between Sinbad and Prince Charming (the greatest thing about King Cole is that he doesn´t hold a grugde against PC), but all could be jeopardize by Youssuf´s evil plans, including the release of a devastating weapon. Everything is in synch with Willingham´s competent hands: from the destiny of Blue, the trust in Fraun Totenkinder´s habilities to the events happening in the Farm. The beautiful thing about reading Fables is that Willingham shows a homogeneity in the script while dealing with so many characters and planting new ideas and thoughts for the next arc stories to come. This issue focus more in the dialogues of Beast and the Beauty, Beauty and Prince Charming, Rose, Frau, White and Mr. North  in the farm and Beast with Frau, all excellent. Regarding the art I´m positive that other penciler wouldn´t be fit as Buckingham for this series, despite the fact that he can´t pencil different faces (that´s my only complaint about him).
4 out 5

Posted by Silkcuts

You are official still the bravest guy I know.  Even genie boobs are boobs dude.  I am surprised you don't photoshop it.

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