Fables #125

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The Good

It's always exciting at the beginning of an arc in FABLES. It's even more exciting when Bill Willingham is joined by Mark Buckingham. Things are beginning to settle down as the Fables are adjusting to their new Fabletown. But it's not a 'happily ever after' moment as we're still seeing fallout from the previous arc, Cubs in Toyland (which is available in trade form and you should totally read it). Two of Snow White and Bigby Wolf's kids are missing. Bigby goes off in search of them and Snow sticks around just in case the kids show up.

Not that Snow isn't fully capable of fending for herself, when Willingham puts a character in the spotlight, bad things usually happen. With Bigby away, it makes things look that much more dire.

Buckingham's art is phenomenal. I've grown so accustomed to seeing him draw the characters. It's unfortunate when others step in for an issue. Combined with Steve Leialoha's inks and Lee Loughridge's colors, it's an absolute winning combination. Not only do we get great stories but the visuals are extraordinary as well.

As Snow takes the spotlight, wait until you see the shocking ending to this issue.

The Bad

It's the first issue of a new arc so you have to expect some set up. There is some great dialogue but the scenes with Bigby and Stinky could have gone by quicker.

Is it a 'bad' thing when you're in fear for the main character?

The Verdict

It's no surprise that FABLES has gone on consecutively for then years now. With a new arc focusing on Snow White, Bill Willingham is setting up what could be even more bad times for her. There is a shocking cliffhanger that you won't see coming. The art and colors remind you why this is such a great looking comic that's fun to read. Reading this first part makes it easy to understand why some wait until the stories are collected in trades but it's also something you won't want to wait to read.


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