The Eye-Scream Fansite

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Best fansite EVER!

Everyone needs to go NOW!!!!

What the heck are you waiting for? GO!

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PolarisJunkie said:

Created by yours truly:

Enjoy! My love for Eye-Scream will never cease. <3

OMG that's sucha cute site lol! I LOVE EYE-SCREAM :P
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sheesh :]
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Link's no longer valid :(
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Good thing i am no the only Eye Scream Fan.

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My website is still there, I just had a problem with my web provider so I no longer have access to that web address. I just have to get back to actually put it back together.

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@Donovan Montgomery said:

Link's no longer valid :(

After two years, I finally redesigned the page and fixed the URL.

Here's the brand new URL:

Hope you guys enjoy it!

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